Clear Linux OS is built so that the OS does not get in the middle of development activities, while providing:


Clear Linux OS is highly tuned for Intel platforms

Security enabled from the Cloud to the Edge, to the End Device

Clear Linux OS employs the stateless concept

Clear Linux OS is built for efficiency

Clear Linux OS optimizes across the whole stack: the platform, kernel, math libraries, middleware layers, frameworks, and runtime.

Clear Linux OS has an automated tool that is constantly scanning for CVEs, which are patched accordingly.

This strict separation between User and System files allows for easier manageability and simplifying customization.

More than 90% of our components packaged by a tool ensuring consistency and scalability to more than 4000 components throughout the distribution.


Intel Optimizations

The Clear Linux team uses multiple methods to optimize for performance on Intel products: kernel configurations, compiler flags and automatic use of optimized binaries and libraries.

On Intel's CPUs with AVX512 instructions, the AVX512 optimized library is auto-selected at application startup.

On Intel's CPUs with AVX512 instructions, the AVX512 optimized library is auto-selected at application startup.




Constant vulnerability scanning


Unified "Trust" Store


Industry standard security features

Aggressive mitigation policy

Provides a common place for Certificate Authority Management

Out of the box industry standard security features enabled 

Address high & critical level threats from the National Vulnerability Database prompt.

Packages points to one location to find certs, ensuring you can manage your trust policy consistently.

Eg. IPTables, SSH, OpenSSL, IPSec VPN, Signed Update Content.


Stateless Concept: File-Level Separation

Traditional OS:

Clear Linux OS:

Operating system files and user data can be intermingled

Designed so that the user is able to quickly and easily manage their custom configuration vs. system configurations.

Stateless Concept Traditional OS
Stateless Concept ClearLinux

Clear Linux OS employs the stateless concept - a strict separation between User and System files for easier OS manageability.


Efficient Updates

Updates are designed to be proportional to the change:


Update Principles

Clear Linux OS dependencies are resolved at build time and delta updates are designed to be proportional to the change. This keeps updates fast and lightweight.


The Mixer Tool: Accelerating Customization

Allows for Incremental Effort

Cost Proportional to Customization Level

Build customer solutions on top of Clear Linux OS easily with the Mixer.

Take advantage of the Clear Linux OS automated development model for faster TTM.

No need to recompile the entire OS, work is only required on the customization piece.

Cost = Customization Level.

Mixer tool

Mixer is the tool used by the Clear Linux* OS team to  generate official update content and releases. The update content generated by mixer is then consumed by swupd on a downstream client. The same mixer tool is available as part of Clear Linux OS to create your own customized update content and releases.


From Code to Customers

The process


Using the mixer tool, you select which set of content from several sources will be part of your update. You can select content from any source to make a unique combination of functionality for your custom update content (known as a mix).



Use Clear Linux OS inside any network requiring proxies without having to manually configure the proxy settings for each application.

The OS can discover a Proxy Auto-Config (PAC) script and use it to automatically resolve the proxy needed for a given connection.


Rapidly detect and respond to quality issues in the field.

Clear Linux OS includes an optional telemetry solution that can be easily used and integrated with existing software. Telemetry enables developers to observe and proactively address issues before end users are impacted.



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