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Mailing List Guidelines

These guidelines apply for all emails written to They ensure communication remains civil, productive, and brief. Our goal is to use the mailing list effectively and get as much feedback as possible on our work.

In the spirit of open source development, do not send private feedback through email. Instead, send feedback to the mailing list by hitting 'Reply-to-all' and by keeping the CC list intact.

  • Use the mailing list as much as possible. Specifically, use the mailing list to:
    • Submit RFCs(Requests for Comments) on planned contributions.
    • Submit bugs for the team to address.
    • Ask questions about the Clear Linux* OS.
    • Collaborate with developers on new features.
  • Provide a meaningful subject line.
  • Ask your questions directly to the subject matter experts and add the mailing list in CC.
  • Before doing large amounts of work, send a message detailing your planned changes to the mailing list as a RFC. Thus, you will save time by only working on solutions the community will find useful.
  • Write briefly and to the point while giving enough context. Keep in mind your message should be clear without readers re-creating your thought process or having to review the same amount of content as you have.
  • Be measured but persistent if you are not getting a response.
  • Write individual emails for each work item. If they are connected, say so in each email.
  • Do not rehash old issues.
  • Only reply if you can provide new information, a new perspective, or a decision. Avoid "me-too" posts.
  • When replying in-line to a mail that was CC'ed to the list, trim out unnecessary context between replies and at the end of your mail.
  • When submitting bugs, include the steps needed to recreate the issue and any relevant information about the system. Use our bug reporting template.