This simple template helps you provide all the information needed to address an issue. Use the template to ensure the issue is resolved as quickly as possible.

To submit your bug please either report it via:

  1. Our  GitHub Issues page, or
  2. Send an email to the Clear Linux* OS mailing list (please note you will need to be subscribed to the mailing list, to send it).
  3. Email us at if you are not subscribed to the mailing list. 


Title: Be descriptive and brief, 78 characters in length.

Severity: Classify the bug as: minor, major, or critical. Minor bugs have no real impact on the functionality and are cosmetic or design errors, such as a text block exceeding its boundaries, an image out of alignment, or a typo. Major bugs prevent the application from meeting requirements or carrying out a feature. Major bugs prevent Clear Linux from completing an intended task or functionality as intended. Critical bugs prevent you from using Clear Linux any further. Critical bugs include crashes, broken interfaces, and any other so-called showstoppers.

System: Provide the information of the system that ran into the issue. For documentation bugs, provide the URL of the page where you encountered the problem.

Description: Provide a description of the problem and how the actual behavior differs from the expected behavior. Also provide the version of Clear Linux exhibiting the behavior. Lastly, provide the detailed steps to replicate the issue. Specify any input accurately and in the correct order. In the case of documentation, specify the paragraph with the problem and, if applicable, suggestions on how to fix it.

GitHub username: Provide your GitHub username for any possible follow up on the pull requests addressing the issue.