Clear Linux* Project Documentation



autospec is a tool to assist in the automated creation and maintenance of RPM packaging in Clear Linux OS.


Clear Linux OS supports multiple containerization platforms, including a Docker solution.

Developer Workstation

Developer Workstation helps you find the Bundles you need to start your Clear Linux OS development project.


Get started

Get up and running fast with Clear Linux* OS. Use these step-by-step instructions to guide you through the installation of Clear Linux OS from bare metal to live image.

Install Clear Linux* OS from the live desktop

These instructions guide you through the installation of Clear Linux OS on bare metal using a bootable USB drive.

Architect the life-cycle of Clear Linux* OS

This guide provides DevOps with a model to architect the life-cycle of a Clear Linux OS derivative that integrates custom software and content using distinct workflows.

Available bundles

Useful bundle commands for working with bundles on the Clear Linux OS.