Telemetry service configuration file


(C) 2017 Intel Corporation, CC-BY-SA-3.0

Manual section






This file contains configuration parameters for the telemprobd(1) and telempostd(1) telemetry service daemons. The daemon reads this file at startup if it exists.


The configuration file contains key=value pairs, formatted as plain text, one option per line. Comments can be added by preceding them with the # character. All configuration options should be in a section marked with [settings].


  • server=<url>

    Server URL including protocol designator.

  • socket_path=<path>

    Path to the socket that telemprobd will listen on.

  • cainfo=<path>

    Certificate file to use for validation of SSL endpoint.

  • tidheader=<header>

    Telemetry ID in header format, usually tidheader=X-Telemetry-TID:<uuid> post header used to group records in ingestion service, which may be ingesting for more than one set of clients. Can be set to any string.

  • record_expiry=<minutes>

    Record expiry time in minutes.

  • spool_dir=<dir>

    Local spool directory used to store records being processed.

  • spool_max_size=<kB>

    maximum size of the spool directory in kB. A value of -1 indicates no limit. The block size of the files in this directory is considered, and not the actual size of the record itself.

  • spool_process_time=<seconds>

    Time in seconds for processing spool. Valid range: 120..300. Values outside this range are clamped.

  • rate_limit_enabled=<true|false>

    Enable rate limiting. If this is set to false then all rate-limiting disabled. It is possible to disable each rate-limit individually below.

  • record_burst_limit=<limit>

    Rate limiting record burst limit. Valid Range: 0..``INT_MAX``, -1 = disabled.

  • record_window_length=<minutes>

    Rate limiting record window length in minutes. Valid Range: 0..59.

  • byte_burst_limit=<limit>

    Rate limiting byte burst limit. Valid Range: 0..`INT_MAX`, -1 = disabled.

  • byte_window_length=<minutes>

    Rate limiting byte window length in minutes. Valid Range: 0..59.

  • rate_limit_strategy=<strategy>

    Rate limit strategy - what to do with record if rate-limiting prevents delivery over network. Valid stategies: spool, drop.