Create custom telemetry record


(C) 2017 Intel Corporation, CC-BY-SA-3.0

Manual section



telem-record-gen <options>


Generate and attempt to send a telemetry record to telemprobd(1). This program can be used to create a telemetry record from a shell script or from another program using e.g. system(). The program connects to a local telemprobd(1) daemon to spool the record for delivery to the actual collection service.

The payload can be provided as standard input, as a file with the --payload-file option, or as a string argument with the --payload option. If neither the --payload or --payload-file is provided, the payload is assumed to be on <stdin>.

Each record is expected to have a class identifier, a record version number, and a severity level. A class identifier is required to be provided.


  • -h, --help: Show help options.

  • -V, --version: Print the program version.

  • -f, --config-file <file>: Path to configuration file (not implemented yet).

  • -s, --severity: Severity level (1-4) - (default 1).

  • -c, --class: Classification level_1/level_2/level_3.

  • -p, --payload <payload>: Record body (max size = 8k).

  • -P, --payload-file <file>: File to read payload from.

  • -R, --record-version <version>: Version number for format of payload (default 1).

  • -e, --event-id <version>: Event id to use in the record. If not provided a randomly generated id will be assigned to record.


0 on success. A non-zero exit code indicates a failure occurred.