Create and enable a new user space

This guide provides steps to complete the following basic setup tasks for a newly installed Clear Linux* OS system:

Create a new user

To create a new user and set a password for that user, enter the following commands as a root user:

useradd <userid>
passwd <userid>

Replace the <userid> with the name of the user account you want to create including the password for that user. The passwd command prompts you to enter a new password. Retype the new password for the new user account just created.

Add the new user to the wheel group

Before logging off as root and logging into your new user account, enable the sudo command for your new <userid>.

To be able to execute all applications with root privileges, add the <userid> to the wheel group.

  1. Add <userid> to the wheel group:

    usermod -G wheel -a <userid>
  2. Log out of root and into the new <userid>.

    To log off as root, enter exit.

  3. Enter the new <userid> and the password created earlier.

    You will now be in the home directory of <userid>.

Install and update the OS software to its current version

The Clear Linux OS software utility swupd allows you to perform system updates while reaping the benefits of upstream development.

To update your newly installed OS, run:

sudo swupd update

Add a bundle

Software applications are installed as bundles using the command swupd bundle-add. Experienced Linux users might compare swupd to running apt-get or yum install for package management. However Clear Linux OS manages packages at the level of bundles, which are integrated stacks of packages.

For example, the sysadmin-basic bundle installs the majority of applications useful to a system administrator. To install it, enter:

swupd bundle-add sysadmin-basic

View a full list of bundles and packages installed with the sysadmin-basic bundle. You can also view all bundles for Clear Linux OS, active or deprecated.

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